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omg, people are so up themselves. 2 weeks ago I wrote a comment on my wall saying that I was annoyed with my dad for some reason or other and one of my friends came on and said something like 'yh, i know, he's a wanker' blah blah blah. And now my step-brother in online saying to them 'ooh, nice display of intellect towards a minor, people should think before they speak.' i'm like wtf? he doesn't even know what we were talking about, and besides i find it very sad that he found it necessary to scroll down to a post i made 2 weeks ago when he has like 267 friends to catch up with as well. just goes to show how some people have no life. and now he's gone running to my dad like 'omg look what brendan said about you' and now my dad is going to probably going to be like 'we're very disappointed in you brendan, how can you say that about me i'm such a good parent and ur such an ungrateful son and you treat me like shit ect.' i mean, i know i wouldn't be happy with him if i found him bitching about me, but i've seen him do it before so it just goes to show how hipocritical he is.

anyway, how are all of u people?


I would never have rellies on facebook
good point. but when people like them add you and you reject them then they go crying to their mummy and soon enough it 'comes across' as though you don't want to have anything to do with you them when in fact its not that at all, its that you don't want them interferring with your social life, like they just did. so unfortunately i had to accept them.

however i don't get why they can't keep themselves from having to moderate my facebook page. its not like they're my parents for gods sake.
Hey you! All is pretty well on my end. lol. How are you?!
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