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Step Into The World Of Mystery And The Occult

The Magickal Journal Of A Real Life Wizard

Oh no, it's Brendan... RUN TO YOUR MUMMYYYYYYYY!!!
PAST: I grew up in Barbados, The Carrebean Islands. My earliest memory is of me running around the little villa I lived in singing my head off. I remember watching the sun set into the sea every night, listening to the waves lapping against the shore. I remember dressing up a lot and make-believing all the time. I spent practically half my life on a cloud, swimming around hunting for mermaids and all that in the ocean. And then Barbados got struck by a massive hurricane, causing my little bubble of happiness to come crashing down around me. Our villa was destroyed, and we had to move back to England, and into a world of cloudy skies, motorways, shopping centres and chavs. No beach, no sea, no pretending. But I got used to it. Then my parents divorced, and my Dad started to treat me like shit. My mum turned to catholicism, and we started living by the bible and Jesus. I always got the mickey take out of me at school for being a bit of a Bible Thumper. Then the magical age of 13 hit me, and I started to live a little again. I discovered the wonderful world of Witchcraft and the Occult, and started to form a little rebellion against 'Jesus'. Then one day my mum descerated my altar and all my stuff, and threatened to burn me (yes, it was a bit like the movie Carrie), so I called child abuse and my mum got a warning, so she stopped being such a psyco and started to turn a bit more ordinary. Now she's convinced herself that all my dreams and hopes are just a phase I'm going through, and encourages me to get my head out of the clouds and knuckle down.
THE PRESENT: I believe that dreams can come true if you are prepared to put in the effort and the determination to make them. I believe that magick can be used to help you get through something, or to help someone else get through something, but if you misuse it it can backfire, which is not nice. My magickal use name is ShadowFlame but don't worry, that doesn't mean I'm evil I just like the name. I enjoy writing, performing and showing my artistic side, such as painting, sculpting and all that. I hate left-brain, rational people who don't believe in anything, especially not themselves, because if you believe you can't do something, you won't be able to do it, so it you wanna do something you have to provide the faith, or it won't happen. Make sense? I do not get on with people who like to pick a fight with me over any of my beliefs, because believe me I will bite back and that won't be pleasant. Also, I believe that everyone is different, so I don't fit into any categories, chavs, emos, greebos, uh-uh. Fashion trends? I wear whatever suits me. Want me to be normal? It won't work, I don't believe in that word. No one's normal or ordinary, especially not me. I'm different yeah, learn to deal with it, coz I bite.
FUTURE: I wanna be a rock star living in a big apartment in San Fransisco with a cat familiar and a secret little 'laboratory' with a twirling bookcase entrance, where I keep all my spellbooks, cauldron, magick mirror, crystal ball, tarot cards, angel cards and altar. I want a practice room with sound proof walls so I can practice singing (I sing very loud!!!) I want a mega-comfortable bed, an indoor swimming pool and spa, a romantic little balcony where I can watch the sun set into the cityscape and a black convertable so I can go clubbing every night. I wanna be a performer, I wanna dabble in a little bit of everything; singing, acting, art, writing, all of it I LOVE! My ideal girlfriend would have either hypnotizing blue or chocolate brown eyes, short, black or blonde hair, large cheekbones, beautiful, egyptian eyeliner, cherry red lips, nicely sized, perky boobs, sexy figure, confident, smart, fingernails painted black, smells of roses, open-minded, white teeth and she has to turn me on every time I see her. BTW from that, I think you can gage that I obviously have a big thing for Rihanna, if only she had been born a few years later *sob*. Ooh yea, and I'd have to turn them on as well, coz if they don't love me then I won't love them. Same with friendship, it has to be mutual.

So there you go, I've told you a bit about me, what I accept and what I don't accept. Now you can decide whether or not you wanna add me.